Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Wessam Bou-Assaly - How to Earn a Spot in a Fellowship Program

Fellowship programs are a prestigious form of medical training. Wessam Bou-Assaly earned a spot in a neuroradiology and head and neck imaging fellowship program at the Indiana University, School of Medicine. After completing that program, he enrolled in a second fellowship program to train in nuclear medicine. Medical training requires a lot of time and study. A fellowship program provides doctors with specialized training in a subfield of medicine.

The first step to earning a spot in a medical program is to excel in medical school. You will need to get excellent grades in medical school in order to earn a spot in a top residency program. In order to earn a spot in a fellowship program, you will need to have an excellent educational history. That history will need to begin in your medical program and continue throughout your residency program.

It may take some doctors several years to earn a spot in a fellowship program. Some of the more prestigious programs require an excellent educational history as well as a few years of work experience. Applying to a fellowship program is a difficult and time consuming process. However, the training is often worth the work and the wait.

A fellowship program can help a doctor obtain a specialized training and a prestigious position. After earning his medical degree in France and completing his residency at Caen and Lille, he earned a spot at the Indiana University, School of Medicine. He successfully completed two fellowship programs in radiology subfields.